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Who We Are

Playboyservice is the best dating website online to go with regards to discovering companion or playboys on the web. On the off chance that you are burnt out on utilizing paid dating site, you have to take a gander at no place else except for Playboyservice. It is a free dating site. Indeed, you heard right! It is an allowed to utilize playboy dating site on the web. Here, everything is free – from joining to finding coordinating profiles on the web. We at Playboyservice saw that numerous people think that its hard to pick a correct dating site for companion administrations. Subsequently, we have accompanied Playboyservice.

Welcome to – The World Of The Most Desirable, Sexiest, And Hardcore Gigolo Play Boy Job Provider


Whether you want to enjoy an elegant dinner date with the man or woman of your dreams or just want to escape from your personal space and get pampered, we can undoubtedly fulfill your expectations.

We warmly welcome everyone to the exciting world of PlayBoyService, an sophisticated, personalized, Play boy job agency for the most lustful and passionate who expect nothing but ultimate sexual pleasure. We’re one of the well-reputed Gigolo call boy job agencies working in the Indian adult industry for decades. 

If any handsome and charming man is looking for the ideal play boy job vacancy, we welcome him with an open heart. NOT TO FORGET, our impassioned clients will welcome him without clothes!

Who Are We in Brief?

We’re offering 100% verified and genuine male escort services to all our female clients in different parts of the country. Our services are available in major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, and many more.

We’re not only offering one-on-one male escort services but encouraging everyone to join our Play Boy Friendship Club. Our Friendship Club comprises 100% verified Gigolo play boy jobs and mature milfs interested in finding their desirable partner.

We’re running this business for more than a decade and maintaining a client base of 1000+ ladies. As a well-reputed Gigolo call boy agency, we follow all the quality checks before entertaining any female client and aspiring call boy. Our team members maintain utter transparency with the clients and playboys; nothing is secret and hidden. 

If you’re looking for a highly paid call boy job, get in touch with our agency, and we’ll make you the alpha man of many women.

What Is The Aim Of Our Gigolo Callboy Agency?

The primary aim of our Gigolo callboy agency is to encourage everyone to fulfill their hidden sexual desires without getting into some illegal activities. If any woman wants complete sexual and mental satisfaction without disturbing her personal life, look no further than our male escort services.

There is no point in just staying stuck in your day-to-day activities when you can hang out with the man/woman of your dreams. We encourage all our female clients and Gigolo playboys to come out and enjoy their sexual life to the fullest. Whatever type of fantasies and desires you have, we take the responsibility of turning them into reality.

We’re not the random play boy job agency that just takes bookings and delivers escort services. We take things deeper instead of such low-grade escort agencies. As 1000+ women are in love with our escort services, there are higher chances of our Gigolo playboys getting between the bedsheets with different women.

How Can Aspiring Playboys Join Our Gigolo Call Boy Job Agency?

  • If you’re looking for a genuine play boy job vacancy, join PlayBoyService gigolo playboy agency. You can either fill the registration form available on the website or share your details with us on our WhatsApp number. 
  • Once you share the details, wait for 24-48 hours because we screen each candidate’s documents, pictures, and details thoroughly. 
  • If your profile is approved, we’ll call you for the interview process and registration fees. If you’re ready to pay the registration fee, we’ll conduct the medical checkup and generate your ID card. 
  • Once everything is done, you’ll start getting calls from our play boy job agency for the bookings at your preferred localities. Our registered Gigolo playboys have full freedom to cancel the scheduled meetings at any time. 

What Perks Does Male Get with Our Gigolo Play Boy Job Agency? 

  • Constant Flow Of Meetings

If you’re looking for the best play boy job vacancy in India, PlayBoyService should be your first and last destination. The biggest advantage of joining our Gigolo playboy agency is you get the opportunity of serving 5-10 clients per week. In the vacation period, the demand increases to a minimum of three bookings per week. 

  • Work On Your Terms And Conditions

Before scheduling the meeting location, we share the details with both parties. If you don’t prefer to work with any client, you have the whole freedom to cancel the meeting. We don’t force our female clients and Gigolo playboys to work under pressure or without their choice. 

  • Only Verified Profiles Are Entertained

Each Gigolo playboy and female client is verified by our team members. Someone having a criminal history cannot join our call boy job agency on any terms. Our Gigolos playboys will only meet verified and genuine women.

  • We Prioritize Your Privacy

We never share the personal contact details of our female clients and Gigolo playboys with other agencies or third parties. All your personal information is safe and secure; you don’t need to worry about your privacy. 

So there is no point in waiting and suffering from financial problems when you’re almost on the path of becoming the most desirable man of many lustful milfs. 

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